Your situation

You are a talented, fashion lover dreaming about making a big career in the fashion business and become the next Gigi Hadid, Richard Avedon, Jeremy Scott, Chiara Ferragni or Pat McGrath. However, at the moment you feel more like the struggling characters of ‘La La Land’ (yes, I know it was about Hollywood, but all creatives struggle the same). You see others nailing it and you wonder, how on Earth they do it? Why you don’t succeed in the fashion business?

I was like you until…

succeed in the fashion businessWell, I used to be exactly the same. I couldn’t get even a single order as a fashion photographer. I was wondering: ‘Why? There are so many models, bloggers and brands who need pictures! Why nobody ever chooses me?’. I could do as many free collaborations as I wanted, but when it came to paying for my services, there was a big, long silence. When I was eventually completely fed up with trying to find a ‘normal’ job just to make a living, I decided I had to do something about it. I started studying different ways of getting clients and focused on Instagram: bought an online course, applied what it said and… voila! Got my very first order as a professional fashion photographer. Do you want to know what it was? Shooting during Milan Fashion Week. Not bad at all.

Why you don’t succeed in the fashion business?

I noticed most creatives have exactly the same approach to their work and it’s their own mind that is stopping them from succeeding. What is it? They believe if they work hard and have a good portfolio, eventually, somebody will notice them.

What is wrong with that?

The first problem is that you can wait forever. You probably often see people working in your profession getting much better jobs than you do, even if you’re better than them. So what is that they do that you don’t?

They take action

Unfortunately, this approach might have worked before, but it doesn’t work now. There are simply too many talented professionals knocking on the doors of agencies, magazines etc so that they would bother (or at least have time) to search for someone else. Secondly, waiting to get discovered puts the active role on someone else and makes you feel justified not to take actions nor risks.

The thing is, yes, in this world it’s up to others if they hire you. But it depends more on you than you imagine.

Entrepreneur’s mind – do you really need it?

succeed in the fashion businessSo do you have to become a businessman to succeed in the fashion business? For many creatives this word seems offensive. They say: we are artists, not salesmen. The thing is, being a freelancer, you are a businessman, whether you like it or not. You have your own brand. Even if you’re hired, in today’s world, no job is secure, especially for creatives. Predictions say in a few years around 50% of people will work as freelancers. So you need to know how to build your brand and how to sell your services. Yes, it doesn’t sound very romantic, but it’s time to face the truth. And the truth is, it’s not as bad as it seems. It’s a challenge that can be very rewarding. It gives you the feeling of independence and freedom, and once you build a strong brand, you won’t have problems with getting clients, no matter the industry and market situation.

Why does it matter to be active?

Good businessman understands that if the business doesn’t work, it’s their fault. Not of economics. Not of the politicians. Not of the clients. Theirs. It’s the same with you. It’s hard to admit it, but once you do, once you embrace the responsibility, you also know you should act. It may be overwhelming, it may seem scary, but it’s an amazing journey. Understanding this one fact really changed my life. I’m definitely not waiting for someone to ‘give me a job’. I make myself so good and irreplaceable, nobody would ever doubt to hire me. Is it an easy and fast process? No. Have I fully succeeded already? No. But I know that understanding this fact is already half success and it’s what differentiates me from many other photographers. And I created this blog to share it with you and share what I learn along the way. Do I know I will succeed? I am 150% sure of that.

How to wake-up your mind?

How to discover this entrepreneur that is inside you? These are all things you can learn, but in our education system nobody teaches that. The best way to grow is to invest in yourself: read books, listen to podcasts, watch online courses, go for seminars. The ways are endless. The most important thing is to make the first step. It’s always the most difficult one. For a good start, here is a list of 10 books that can help you learn how to become a good creative entrepreneur and make you hungry to learn more. Don’t wait any longer and download it now. Start building your future and way to success in the fashion business as soon as possible.

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