I finally did it! I created my blog!

Working a lot with fashion bloggers, I’ve been wondering for a while if I should do it. My fiancé was telling me to do it since a while, but I didn’t want to be just another pretty blog about being pretty. I knew I have something more to share, just couldn’t figure out what that was… Up until a week ago! But… let’s start from the beginning.


Me in front of Fendi offices in Rome.

My name is Aleksandra Galert. I’m a fashion photographer and a fashion lover. I come from Poland, but I live in Italy (things you do for love…). Working a lot with fashion bloggers I eventually decided: I also want to have a blog! But working with those girls, with models and designers, I also get to know their struggles. I see people on a different level of the fashion world success ladder. So I decided that my blog won’t be about clothes and newest looks (even if, of course, we’ll talk about it a bit too), but about succeeding in the fashion industry. Many of us have this dream to be a model/designer/blogger/photographer/make-up artist etc. and belong to this world: participate in Fashion Weeks, see themselves or their work on the cover of Vogue, etc. And you know what’s the best? I’m sure we can do it.


With Sonam Babani @fashioneiress

‘Be the woman you want to be.’

This quote of Diane von Furstenberg makes me get up every day and be the hustler, even if things go wrong.

I used to be rejected. By all the magazines, brands, agencies. Sometimes they were saying: we already have photographers. Mostly they were just not answering. I felt like talking to a wall. Until one day I discovered how to use Instagram and everything changed…


Let’s rock the fashion business!

I want to inspire you to join me and together make the journey towards success in the fashion world. And have fun on the way. Everything is possible! As a photographer, I also want to help you with the visual side of the whole process – we all know the look matters!

There is one more reason why I created this blog. As one person from the industry explained me how it all works asking me just one question: who did u work with? If we create a community, we manage to achieve more.

It’s a blog for creative dreamers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, work hard and make their dreams reality.


MAC Cosmetics

With the MAC Cosmetics team during Milan Fashion Week,

Why Vlogue Rock?

Vlogue = Vogue + blog. It’s a blog created by an ordinary girl to inspire you to be the woman you want to be. Why this name? I love Vogue – I guess you can say it if you follow my insta stories. I want to shoot for Vogue and you may want to: be on the cover, design for Vogue, do make-up, write, work in, etc. If you love fashion you love Vogue. Vogue is the goal. And rock? To bust the energy so that we can really rock this world! 😉

So? Are you ready for the crazy ride?