If you want to be a blogger, model or an influencer you have to know how to behave in front of the camera. Even if don’t want to become a professional model, you will find it incredibly useful to learn how to pose. Being the face of your brand, you need pictures of yourself, so knowing how to pose will save you a lot of nerves and frustrations. As a photographer working with bloggers, I know something about it. Is it difficult? Not so much. Does it take time? Just a bit. Here are tips how to learn posing.

1. Watch photoshoot backstage

One of the best ways to learn how to pose is watching the backstage videos of professional photoshoots. Youtube is full of them, so you shouldn’t have problems finding some. You can observe the poses the models do, how often they change them and how they behave in different conditions, whether shooting in a studio or on location. Watch carefully and try using what you learned during your next photoshoot. You should see results soon.

Here are two examples for you:

2. Watch magazines

learn to pose

Look through Vogue and instead of looking at how amazing the clothes are (I know it’s impossible, so try looking at the clothes just a little), try paying attention to the models’ poses. Notice, that posing with a bag is different tha posing for portraits, posing walking differs from posing by the wall. Try memorizing all those variations, so that the next time you stand in front of the camera, you’re not paralyzed and you know what to do.

3. Practice in front of a mirror

Once you see various posing options, try them in the mirror. Check what looks good and what doesn’t. Pay attention to your expressions and hand placement. It all matters and is more visible on pictures than you might think. Once you practice in front of the mirror and you know what works, you will feel much more confident and relaxed during your next shoot.

4. Take many pictures and see results

aleksandra di gesaro fashion and blogger photographer

There is no better way to learn than taking action. Take as many pictures as you can, make photoshoots and see the results. They might not be totally satisfactory at the beginning, but that’s why you’re practicing. Pay attention to what you didn’t like and what really worked out well, and apply this knowledge during your next photoshoot. You may be surprised, how fast you make progress. Listen to the tips of your photographers, too. I promise it will all pay off. Working with the same blogger for a few months I can see her posing improves every time we shoot. So don’t shy and say that you don’t know how to pose! Organize a photoshoot! Did you know how to ride a bike before you ever tried?

5. Download my free e-book with best posing tips

If you need some more practical tips about what works and what doesn’t on pictures, download my free posing guide, where I include the knowledge from my years of experience as a photographer. I described the most common mistakes and a few basics that will immediately improve your ability to pose. This way you can learn what I teach my models in person.

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