Blogging… Writing… For some these things seem soooooo serious! And if in the literature class you had problems writing more than two sentences, than the vision of writing the whole POST (that should be longer than two sentences) seems simply terrifying for you, right? Well, no worries! Blogging is about having fun, not about killing yourself and doing something you hate. Here are 5 ways to blog if you don’t like writing. I promise you don’t have to write more than two sentences if you don’t want to.

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Remember: The important thing is, how you can help others and how you can make their lives better. The medium is really a secondary thing.

1. Podcast

Podcasts are sooo popular lately and there is a reason for it: spending a lot of time in buses or underground on to way to and from work, it’s a perfect way not to be bored! You can learn so many things! I have to admit, I didn’t use to understand this whole podcast thing, but once I tried? Oh man! I’m totally in love! You can be a part of this amazing world too! If you don’t like writing, share your knowledge and tips in the form of an audio and spread the love!

Two of my favorite podcasts are: Oprah’s Maserclass and Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield.

If you have no idea how to start creating a podcast, I found a quick guide for you:


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2. Video

Video is rocking the stage lately and many people say it’s the future. So why not to dive into it right now? You can create your YouTube channel and share your tutorials, tips or experiences. You can also do Fb and IG lives, record them and later post on your blog. You can do anything you want! You don’t necessarily have to be in your videos: you can talk directly to the camera, but you can also point the camera on something you’re doing and talk from behind the camera. Or you can create the video without your voice and add subtitles later! You can create videos from backstage of what you do, tutorials, videos showcasing great places you’ve visited etc. Sky’s the limit, so what are you waiting for?

Scared of being in front of the camera?

Coach Glitter can show you how to overcome this fear and perform great on your videos!

My favorite app for creating videos in a super easy way is Quick.

Here you have a tutorial how to use it:

 Yes, I want it! 

3. How to

These can be sets of images or short videos explaining how to do something. It’s great if you make them in a format that can also be suitable for social media. Just think about the things you do well, and teach others how to do it!

How to create such images? You can use Canva – the super easy way to create graphics online.

Need ideas?

How to do the evening make-up?

What to style floral accessories with?

How to bake perfect muffins?

Here are a few examples for you:

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4. Lists

This can be one of the easiest ways to blog: create lists of “10 best…” etc. You can list places, products, services, websites, ideas, IG posts… Literally everything! Create the lists and add pictures and your blog post is ready!

Here’s little example:

If you have something to say about these products/places etc. you can try writing one sentence to each. If you chose them, you probably know why they are the best, so it shouldn’t be difficult. If it’s easier for you, make a video and there explain your reasons.

PS. Using Loom you can record your screen with your voice from behind the camera. It’s super easy!

5. Images

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You can also create a photo blog. Share pictures and this way explain your ideas. As we all know, images can say more than 1000 words, so use them! For example, if you’re a fashion blogger, you can create posts made of perfect looks for particular occasions. Check the links below for more ideas:

As you can see, there are many ways to blog if you don’t like writing. But wait! There is one more!

succeed in the fashion business

Bonus: Written
blog posts without writing

If you know what you’d like to say, but

1. When you try to write it down, you forget everything and it suddenly doesn’t sound right

2. You don’t like the idea of creating a podcast and/or

3. You’re too shy to make videos of yourself

don’t worry – there is a way for you to blog too! Simply record yourself talking about something that is interesting for you, some particular topic. If that helps, invite your friend and record yourself explaining that subject to her. Then, transcribe what you said and edit it into a blog post. If even this perspective scares you, on Fiverr you can find people, who will do it for you. And voila’! You can blog!

Did you like this post? Make sure to share it with your friends! Or maybe you know other ways to blog if you don’t like writing? Share them in the comments!


Yes, I want it!