Lately, I’v esimply been amazed by the amount of posts like ‘How to become a blogger in one week?’ or ‘Set you blog in 7 days’, etc. I even bought a few e-books and courses created by established bloggers promoted this way. They all promise to help you succeed as a blogger, but the only thing they teach is how to CREATE a blog: set up your page and social media pages, and write your first post. From there the road to SUCCEEDING as a blogger is long. Here is why you can’t become a blogger in one week.

1. A website and one post don’t make you a blogger 

Let’s be honest: when you enter a website with only a few posts, what do you think? Be honest! Probably something like: ‘It seems unprofessional’, ‘It shows little experience’, ‘This person is just starting. I want to read the articles of someone who really knows what they’re talking about’. How many posts can you write in a week? If you really hustle, maybe 7, max a dozen (I struggle with one, well prepared post/week). That doesn’t seem very convincing. Of course, nobody expects you to write 10 posts a day – the quality matters! It is just one of the reasons, why your blog can’t become a number one go to place in one week. Or number 100. Or probably neither 500. With so many blogs out there, you have to show what you got, to get the attention. And this doesn’t happen in a week.

2. It takes time to gain audience and build brands’ trust

It’s noteasy to build your audience. There are thousands of bloggers out there. Does it mean it’s impossible? Absolutely not! But it needs time and consistency. An average Instagram account grows 3,5%/month. To position your pin on Pinterestit takes 1-3 months. To position your post in Google Search it takes 7-9months. All of these, considering that you post consistently. Rome hasn’t been built in a day, neither your blogging empire can be.

Why do you need followers?

Obviously, you want someone to read your blog. That’s why you do it, right? (If you do itjust for money and possible fame, don’t bother and don’t waste your time. Itwon’t work anyway). The number and engagement of your followers influences notonly your stats, but also if and how many brand deals you get. It’s not themost important thing, but it still is on top of the list.

3. You need your unique voice and it takes time to find it

To make your blog stand out, you need to have a message you want to share. You may have an idea about it starting your blog, but I noticed it clarifies with time. Making research for information or ideas for your next posts, you start discovering areas you’ve never thought about before. Also, gaining followers and interacting with them makes you find out what your audience needs. Such discoveries can be really surprising and may lead to new territories for you.

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4. To get paid you first have to create quality content for free

It’s obvious you want to make money from your blog. Making a living by doing something you love is amazing. However, before getting paid you have to create quality content for free. Brands choose people who not only have the right knowledge and personality to promote their products, but who also know how to present it in a quality content. To show all these skills you need much more than just a few posts. This leads us to the last point:

5. You learn with time by doing things, so the quality of your posts gets better with time

To succeed as a blogger you not only have to have something to say. You must learn many things about how to share your message with your audience. It means you have to get some knowledge about:

  • Writing in an interesting and clear way
  • Editing your website
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Using proper graphic designs
  • Taking good quality pictures
  • Etc.
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It all may not seem something you’re really interested in when everything you want to think about are the winter fashion or make-up trends. However, these skills are essential for your success as a blogger. The way you present and market your content are equally, or maybe even more important than what you write. If you got to a bakery, would you buy an ugly, unprofessionally looking muffin? I don’t think so. Even if it might be the best muffin in the world, you’ll never find out about it, because most probably, you won’t even taste it. That’s why all those skills are so important. Most bloggers don’t have all of them at the beginning of their journey and that’s why they need time to bring their blogs to the next level.

So what do you really need to succeed as a blogger?

Summing up: to succeed as a blogger you really need persistence. Feeling disappointed? Nobody said it was easy. Wait, some people actually do, but they either want your money or have no idea what they’re talking about. If making it as a blogger would be that easy, everybody would do it. Like with everything, success needs time. But once you get there, you’ll know it was so worth it. The free worksheet you can download below will help you with that.

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Let me know in the comments, what you think about this post. Do you agree? Or maybe disagree? I’m curious to hear back from you.