Do You ever run out of words on camera?

Are you struggling with not knowing what to say on camera?

Are you overwhelmed with what kind of videos to create?
Do you struggle with all the market research necessary?

Do you find it difficult to stay consistent on social media?

Would you like to attract your ideal clients and sell more through your visual content?

Are you tired of staring at the camera, feeling lost for words, and struggling to maintain consistency on social media? Do you find yourself grappling with uncertainty about what to say and how to keep your audience engaged? It's time to transform your social media game with "My Video Curator."

Why "My Video Curator"?

Because I understand the challenges you face as a content creator. I know how frustrating it can be to struggle with writer's block, uncertainty about what resonates with your audience, and the constant pressure to keep up with ever-changing social media trends. "My Video Curator" is here to alleviate those struggles and empower you to create content that captivates, engages, and converts.


Does this sound Familiar?

"I don’t know what to say on camera"

"I struggle with being consistent on social media"

"I’d like to create more videos, but I have no idea what to talk about"

"I’d like to attract more ideal clients and connect with them in a more authentic way"

"I have no idea what kinds of content bring engagement"

"I have a message to share, and I know video is the best way to convey it. But whenever I get on camera, I struggle to find my words. Surprisingly, during interviews, I shine on camera. Perhaps it's the guidance of the questions. However, when I attempt to record on my own, I come off robotic and clueless about what to discuss. If only I had a list of ideas to guide me, creating videos would be a breeze."


I've got your back !

If any of the above sounds like you, then ‘My Video Curator’ is absolutely for you! I created this subscription as an answer to what my clients keep asking me about and I’m filling it with so much value! Actually, I have so many ideas, I just keep adding more!

Imagine being able to create
a month of content in just 1 day!

Imagine a year of content planned for you

Imagine how liberating that woul feel!

"My Video Curator" monthly Subscription

It's your all-in-one solution for content creation excellence. Thanks to it you will enhance your camera game and never run out of words on camera again!

my video curator

Here’s Just a Fraction of What You’re Getting

With "My Video Curator," you'll gain access to:

12 Exclusive Video Prompts

Crafted to ignite your creativity and steer you through the content creation journey, these prompts offer the inspiration and framework necessary to craft captivating videos that resonate with your audience.

Expert Content Direction

Alongside the prompts, you’ll receive expert guidance, ensuring you have a clear roadmap for creating videos that not only captivate but also prompt meaningful engagement and action.

Proven Social Media Strategies

Bid farewell to guesswork! Our prompts are grounded in proven social media strategies that have been meticulously tested and refined, empowering you to confidently expand your following and enhance engagement authentically.

Monthly Educational Content

Enhance your on-camera performance and elevate the quality of your videos with our monthly instructional videos. Each month, you’ll receive a new issue focusing on various topics aimed at improving your video creation skills. Issue #1 will delve into easy video editing techniques, a topic specifically requested by our clients. Gain valuable insights and tips to refine your on-camera presence and master technical aspects, empowering you to connect more authentically with your audience and showcase your unique voice.

Bonus Visibility

Seize increased visibility and the chance to connect with a broader audience by showcasing your brand with one promotional video per month in my exclusive Facebook Group.

Can't imagine what the prompts look like?

Here's the example!

Each month you'll receive 12 prompts like this in different categories to make sure you talk about all the important aspects of your business - from educational content, through talking about you and your experience, to covering your products and services (hey, we all know what it's really about! 😉 ).


Join now and you’ll also get these bonuses totally FREE!

Prompts with varying difficulty levels - whether you're camera shy and just starting out or more seasoned, you'll find engaging content creation stress-free.

Abundance of choices - if you're not comfortable with all the prompts, you can select the ones you prefer! Designed for regular posting every other day, but you can opt to publish 2-3 times a week.

Money-saving - you can either hire a social media manager for $400/month or DIY with proven strategies for a fraction of the cost!

Time-saving - no need to spend time researching engaging content and social media strategies; it's all done for you. Just turn on the camera and start recording!

Each prompt includes an example link so you can observe how others utilized a similar idea to craft engaging content. This will ignite your creative spark and inspire how you want your own video to appear.

🌟It's just $25/month, but...

if you sign up for a year you'll get special bonuses:

- 2 months for free

- 1:1 30min video audit session with me🌟

What my subscribers have to say:


100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the quality of the service, I'll make you a refund - no questions asked.


Here's What To Do Next


Secure your spot by placing the order.


After securing your spot you'll receive an email with confirmation and this month's issue


On the 1st of every month, you'll receive a PDF file directly in your inbox containing 12 video prompts, along with a description of the monthly topic and links to instructional videos.

Who am I?

Meet Aleksandra!

Hi! I’m Aleksandra Di Gesaro - a Polish photographer based in Italy. With over 15 years of experience as a fashion and portrait photographer and videomaker, I have contributed to Fashion Weeks, collaborated with model agencies, fashion magazines, and influencers. My work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and earned various awards. I was also named Italy’s #1 Top Fine Art Photographer.
I’m also a filmmaker whose short films have been awarded on international film festivals.
Seeking to leverage my expertise to empower women, I ventured into coaching. In my business, I guide female entrepreneurs in enhancing confidence and projecting authenticity on camera, enabling them to attract their ideal customers.


The prompts are fully customizable and designed to suit any business. For instance, if I suggest, “Discuss the #1 myth in your industry” or “Share a day in your work life,” you can effortlessly tailor them to your business, correct? Naturally, the prompts delve into more detail, but the basic concept remains.

Not at all! Each business is unique, and so are you! You bring your own distinct perspective and expertise to the table. While the prompts are versatile enough to fit any business, they also empower you to create videos that stand apart from others.

Certainly, you can. However, if you’ve ever tried, you likely either had an idea of what you wanted to discuss or ended up with suggestions from ChatGPT that were rather generic, formulaic, and repetitive. It’s challenging to derive anything particularly engaging, enjoyable, or imaginative from ChatGPT. Moreover, ChatGPT doesn’t offer insights into which strategies truly enhance social media engagement – that comes from experience and market research. Additionally, ChatGPT won’t respond to your messages if you encounter any issues while creating your videos – but I will!

I’m here to assist! Feel free to reach out to me via email or messenger, and I’ll gladly address any questions you may have.

Absolutely! You can cancel by sending an email to info@aleksandragalert.com.

On the 1st of every month, you’ll receive a PDF file directly in your inbox containing 15 video prompts, along with a description of the monthly topic and links to instructional videos.

So To Recap, Here’s What You’ll Get

If this sounds like you, now it’s your turn to decide...

Join now and get 1 year of content planned!

Remove the overwhelm and focus on what you really love about your business!

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