We all think: I need so many clients to make a living, probably hundreds, etc… How can I get them? Well, turns out you can count exactly how many clients you need and the result might be much lower than you think.

How to do it?

Take a yearly income that you’d find satisfying. If you don’t like thinking in years, imagine the monthly income and multiply it by 12. This is our number A. Let’s say for the beginning, you’d like to earn $3500/month, which makes it $42 000/year.

Now, think about the repeat clients you have. How much a year (on average) do you earn on one such client? This is our number B. Let’s say on average, a repeat customer pays you within a year US $1000. (Remember, think how often a year such clients come to you. Maybe they come every month, or twice a year, or once. It all depends on your brand and your niche).

How many clients do you need?

No make the following equation: A/B=C

Where C equals the number of repeat clients that you should have to earn the income you want. That number is probably much smaller than you imagined, am I right?

In our example, it would be: 42 000 / 1 000 = 42

42 are not hundreds, right?

Now, make a list of the repeat clients you already have. This way, you know how many more clients you have to get to make a dream life as an artist. Now everything seems much clearer, isn’t it?

What do you think about this method? Are you surprised? What is your result? Let me know in the comments!