“I’m just terrible at every aspect of sharing what I do with people.  I feel like sharing content comes across as fake or forced, I don’t know how to even “express” what I’m doing or love to do to an audience.”. Sounds familiar? These are the exact words James, one of my students, wrote to me a few days ago. And not only him – actually, he’s one of many who has the same problem: how to sell without being salesy. There is a trick to make selling easier and more natural. But first…

Why do you feel like a fraud?

Thanks to many salesmen who every day try to make us buy things we don’t need, we are scared to sell, because we don’t want to sound like them. Don’t understand me wrong, not all salesmen are bad, but be honest with yourself when you think about a marketer, what picture do you have in your mind? A person with a fake smile, convincing you to buy something till you have no choice and you do it. Later you come back home and realize you didn’t need or want it at all.

No big deal you don’t want to leave such memories to your clients. But somehow, you have to sell your art. In the end, if nobody knows about what you do, nobody will buy it, right?

So how to sell without being salesy?

The whole point is that you’re scared to even try to sell because you’re thinking: “What will they think about me? Will they think I’m a desperate salesman/saleswoman?”. The spotlight is all on you. You feel you’re asking people for money for things you’re not even sure are worth it and it makes you feel like a fraud.

Let’s put the spotlight on them!

How about looking at the situation from a different point of view and putting the spotlight on your clients? What are you trying to give them? How are you trying to help them? What problem are you trying to solve? In short: What’s in it for them? You have something they need, something that could make their life better. And you know what? If you’re not telling them about it…

You’re stealing from your clients!

You are taking the chance of solving their problem and getting something amazing away from them! It’s stealing! You have something unique and beautiful for them, it’s exactly what they need, and you don’t tell them about it! You’re robbing them of the opportunity of having a better life! Do you think I’m exaggerating? Not at all.

PS. If you don’t know exactly, who your target audience is, make sure to read this post:

Just to be clear

What I’m saying absolutely doesn’t mean: “My art is not worth money and asking to be paid I’m stealing from my clients”. No, no, no, bubu! I noticed many girls tend to interpret it that way, turning off their brains and not reading the next lines. What I’m saying is: you are amazing, you have a gift and you can give something special to others. If you don’t even try, because of your internal fear, it’s egoistic. Again: put the spotlight on them. What would it mean for them to have what you offer them?

Need an example?

Ok, here it is. Let’s say, my best friend’s birthday is right around the corner. I’d like to give her something beautiful, unique that will show her how important she is for me. But I’m so busy I don’t even have time to think about it not to mention the search for it! If you come to me and tell me: “I’ll paint this beautiful portrait of you and your friend together, add a stylish frame and send it to you so that you get it before the birthday” I’ll simply love you! And if you wouldn’t tell it to me? You’d cause me so much headache!

Can you see what I mean?

Now you know how to sell without being salesy. Change your approach from: “Buy from me, because I need the money and I want to fell important” to “Here’s what I can do for you” and you’ll see all the difference in how you feel and how people react to your offer.

Any thoughts?

What do you think about it? Agree or disagree? Surprised? I’d love to know your thoughts so make sure to leave a comment below. And if you have a friend who doesn’t know how to sell without being salesy, make sure to share this post with them. Let’s spread the fun!