Every day you’re losing at least 1 client who can’t see your creativity and talent just because you’re just not showing it to them!

Have you ever lacked motivation

because you didn’t know

what your next step should be?


Going to your corporate job everyday think of how much you hate it

Feel like wasting your time spending hours on meaningless tasks

Know you have so much to tell and give through your art but when you come back home every evening you’re just too tired to do anything

Would love to make money creating art but are afraid of failure and having to ask your parents for help again

Can see yourself rocking the streets in fancy shoes as a famous artist like Carrie Bradshaw but have no idea what your first step in those high heels should be



When you think about spending the next 10, 20 or maybe even 40 years doing your meaningless and boring job you want to vomit and scream, at the same time. You know you won’t be able to handle such a life but you’re even more afraid you might get used to it and forget what you used to dream about. If only you’d know what your next step should be…

I get it

because I was you

I had my camera, new shoes and no idea what to do next.

my story

About me

I moved to Italy to join my long-time boyfriend, now husband. It was amazing except that… I was totally struggling with finding a job. My three degrees from Poland, including the one of Law, didn’t mean nothing. All my applications remained without answer and those few offers I got… well, I wish I never got them. Additionally, I was feeling like everything I was applying for was so useless and meaningless, but I had no other idea what to do – that’s how I’ve been brought up.

After a few months, I said: “Basta!” I thought: “If I spend so many hours every day on applying for jobs I know I’d hate, why not to use this time and try to work on something I actually like”. And so I started building my photography business and within 6 months I was earning a full-time income from my art.

Now I start my day with my favorite sweater-mug in my hands, drink hot tea and work on what I love most: my pictures.

Aleksandra Di Gesaro

Did you know that 70% of people hate their jobs?

I believe that if more people would do what they love, there would be more happiness around and the world would be a better place.

That’s why I analyzed everything I did to turn my passion into a job and described it in my book.

I put my heart and soul into every word and I made sure it’s as actionable and easy to follow as possible. After you read it, you’ll always know what your next step should be. You’ll know, how to use your time best, how to squeeze every opportunity you might get and how to make sure you don’t have financial problems. You’ll be able to focus on what you do best – your art – and how to keep growing.

And it’s available to you today.

From this 131-pages e-book you will learn:

What common mistakes you’re probably committing and how to turn them into your advantage?

Why you are most likely wasting your time and how to change it?

Why what they taught you at school will make you broke?

Why yesterday was the last time anybody doubted you?

Why what makes you feel safe puts you at a big risk?

What are the secrets of the pro artists?

How you are sabotaging yourself from succeeding?

How some people will try to use you and you won’t even notice it till it’s too late?

Why aren't you still earning on your art and how to start asap?

How to add motivation to your morning coffee?

And much more.

fast track artist

I made sure this book is beautifully designed with lot’s of colors and pictures to make your reading experience more pleasant and joyful. However, don’t worry, the pack contains also a plain version if it works better on your e-book reader.

Check if it's for you!

Download a free chapter “Mental shift” and check if you like the book. There’s no obligation of buying the book, it’s a free sample to help you make a decision.

let’s add a cherry to this cake!


Buying the e-book you’ll also receive a few special bonuses:

1. Magic action plan

to help you implement what you learn from the book

2. Two e-books:

“How to use Instagram to grow your creative business?” “How to make your feed look good?” to help you get new clients and exposure using social media

3. A secret surprise bonus

that will be revealed only to those who buy

who is it for

and who is it not for?

It's not for you if you:

want fast results without much effort.

just want to be an artist and think the word “businesswoman” is offensive.

believe all artists should starve as that’s what makes their art better.

It is for you if you:

are willing to work hard to make your dreams come true.

look at all those women making a living creating art and think: “Why can’t I do it too?”

believe it’s time for a new mentality and a new lifestyle and you don’t want the life your parents planned for you.

It’s not one of those ”become a millionaire” books that promise a lot but don’t give you any results in the end.

It doesn’t show you how to become a famous artist in 6 months. Building the art business and career takes a lot more time. This book will give you a step-by-step guide to start. You’ll be able to make a living creating art as soon as possible, so that later you have the freedom to work further on growing as an artist and as a businesswoman. It’ll show you how to get free of the job you hate, create financial security and get the freedom to build the life you’ve always dreamt about.

How long it will take you depends only from you. It took me 6 months, but it’ll depend from the amount of time and work you’re going to put into it. I bet you can do it in even less time. 

Ready for a challenge?

what people say?


This e-book was of great help to me! I have found some good points, and now am really looking at selling my work instead of just giving it away as gifts to people. Thanks!


I definitely think the book will be useful for aspiring freelance artists. It's full of advice that feels actionable. I loved your take on "What Doesn't Work"! It felt very true to my experience


I have enjoyed reading it. It's very informative and learning the ups and downs you have endured is very interesting.



Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, I’m a photographer and around it I built my business. But I found out the principles of working as a freelance artist are the same for every field of art. I wrote the book in a way that can work for every artist, giving the examples from various fields to give you a better idea and to make your creative juices flowing.

I know a live painter whose prices start at $3000 and she uses exactly the same methods I described in my book to build and grow her business.  No matter your price range, art field, location, etc, the principles remain the same.

The most important thing is to start. Yes, building your art business will take time. Don’t wait till you have time – it’ll most probably never happen. Don’t rush and don’t worry – do what you can at the moment. The whole process of becoming a full-time artist is made of small steps. Just make one step after another. It doesn’t matter whether you walk slowly or run at full speed – it’s important to keep moving. If you don’t start, you’ll never arrive to the finish line. Even if you could work just 1h/week on this – start as soon as you can and keep going. You’ll see the results will come.

I totally get it, when I was starting I had no job and no money. That’s why I described how to build your business with the least costs possible – using free tools or doing things yourself.

No problem! I have a convenient money-back guarantee for you. Just contact me within 14 days from your purchase and you’ll receive a full refund. Plus, you can keep the book.

I got you covered. I describe step-by-step what to do, so that even if you’re a total newbie you’ll be able to follow and succeed.

I’m pretty sure you’re underestimating yourself and your art is better than you think and there are people willing to pay for what you do. However, if you really think you’re not ready to get paid for your art, you can still start building foundations for your business. In one of the chapters I describe what to do if you’re just a beginning artist and how to turn into a professional fast.

From my experience – it’s safer than having a fixed-job. I’m writing these words during the COVID-19 pandemic and while my friends are being fired every day and struggle financially, I’m doing fine as a freelancer. In my book I make sure you understand how to build your financial security so that even when you’re ill or anything else happens, you can still earn a living.

This is an old-fashioned way of thinking. And as I’m old-fashioned if it goes for my home decorations taste, I definitely don’t believe in it when it goes for the professional field. Nowadays, artists are building the most amazing and profitable businesses, why can’t you too?

Of course, working for clients puts some limitations on you as an artist. If you’re not ready for it, remain a hobbyist and do whatever you feel like creatively. However, consider that some of the greatest art works of all time have been created on commission. Also, you can work as a full-time artist fulfilling the expectations of the clients and at the same time create your own artworks, experiment etc. And maybe your clients will love your new style even more. There are really no limits to your creativity and your business.

You don’t need it. Anyway, most of the things being taught at business schools are already old. I teach you everything you need to know to build solid foundations of your business.

money back


What if you don’t like it? No problem. Contact me within 14 days from your purchase and you’ll receive a full refund. Plus, you can keep the book.

You can contact me through the Contact Form or writing directly to olagalert@gmail.com

don't wait

become the fast-track artist

Only 9.99 €

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