My name is Aleksandra Di Gesaro. I am a fashion photographer from Poland, currently based in Italy.


My name is Aleksandra Di Gesaro (before Galert – I just got married!). I graduated very boring law school and, at the same time, the amazing Warsaw School of Photography. I’m 26 and in my life I’ve already visited over 50 countries, I spent a year in Sevilla (Spain), where I learnt how to dance flamenco and I found a fiancé from Palermo. I speak 5 languages and I’ve been playing a piano for 12 years. I love books, my hamster and I call my camera “Baby”. I cry of emotions on European and World Ice Skating Championships and if the level of chocolate in my blood gets too low, I get very angry. Besides, I like to write a few words from time to time and lately I took a mission impossible of learning how to draw.

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I strongly believe that when we create things with passion, magic happens.

Why did I create my blog? Working on my photoshoots and I meet many talented, passionate creatives, who have great ideas and no job. I know myself how difficult it is to enter the fashion industry. That is why I decided to write about what I’ve learned, what I’m learning, post interviews with inspiring people and, in general, help as many people as I can to rock the fashion world!